Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Almost all parts of Idukki District are important in the tourist map of Kerala. Main tourist centers which
are very exhilarating like Thekkady and Munnar are in this district.
Idukki district came in to being on January 26, 1972.
Thodupuzha,Devikulam,Udumpinchola and Peerumedu are the Thaluks.
Periyar,Moovattupuzhayar and Pambar flows through this district.
Idukki is a village situated in Thodupuzha thaluk which is 40km away from Thodupuzha town.At Idukki
village is situated the First Arch Dam of India.It is made connecting two rock hills 'Kuravan mala' and
'Kurathimala'.It is built in Cheruthonipuzha which is a tributary of Periyar river.
Munnar is a spectacular tourist spot which is situated 113km away from Cochin.This place is at an altitude
of 3000feet above sea level.The climate here is cool and pleasant.The place name is derived from three
rivers which originates from here namely Muthirapuzha,Nallathanni and Kundala which conjoins near Munnar
town.Munnar is famous for the tea plantations there.
Peerumedu is another place of interest for tourists which is also well known for the tea plantations there.
Wagamon,Kuttikkanam  and Panchalimedu etc are also tourist spots.Cool climate,misty mountains and
breathtaking sceneries are enchanting.
Thekkady is one of the most important tourist place in Kerala.It is situated 114km away from Kottayam.
Periyar lake and Periyar wild life sanctuary are the major attractions.Wild animals can be seen very near
while boating through the lake.Elephants,Tigers,Bear,Deer etc come to drink water from the lake and
they can be seen sitting on the boat.Many species of birds can be seen there.
Pallivasal is a dam which is the first hydro electric project of Kerala.It is built in the river 'Muthirapuzha'.
In Devikulam thaluk there is 'Aanamudi' mountain which is the second highest peak in India.I has a height
of 8841 feet.At Devikulam there are tea plantations in abundance.
Mattupetty is a beautiful place situated 13kms from Munnar.Indo-Swiss Diary Project is functioning here.
A type of wild goat(Nilgiri Thar) are seen here and on the hills of Munnar which are among the protected species of animals.
At Munnar and Mattupetty there is a species of plant grown on the hills in plenty which are known as
'Neela Kurinji' which flowers in every twelve years.All the mountains glittering with thousands of 'Neelakurinji
Flowers' will be a very wonderful  and marvelous sight.
Iravikulam wild life sanctuary is another major attraction which is 144km away from Cochin and 14km away from Munnar.
Moolamattam Hydro Electric Project which has under ground power house is on Thodupuzha-Idukki route.
Thattekkadu Bird Sanctuary is in Devikulam thaluk.It is visited by large number of tourists and worth visit.
Boating is arranged here and a large number of different and rare kinds of birds can be watched here.
Malankara dam is also beautiful which is 6km away from Thodupuzha town.
Mullaperiyar dam site is also very beautiful which is 80km away from Devikulam.
Ramakkal Medu is a place where wind mills are functioning to produce  electricity.
Vandan medu is a beautiful place famous for 'Cardamom' plantations.Udimpinchola is another place which
is again important for cardamom plantations.
Thommankuthu is a place 30km away from Thodupuzha where  a beautiful waterfall can be enjoyed.
Chinnar wild life sanctuary is another tourist spot which is on Marayoor-Udumalpetta road.
Marayoor is a famous place in Kerala for Jaggery manufacture.Sugarcane cultivation and jaggery manufacture
is seen all over the place of Marayoor.
At Marayoor in the forest area Sandal wood trees grow in plenty.Very ancient caves are seen here which
contains paintings and carvings of the past.
Kannan Devan Hills  are known  for the places including Munnar,Devikulam,Mattupetty and some other  nearby areas
which are all famous for tea plantation.Meenuli is a place which is famous for dense rain forests.A huge rock
sitting at an altitude of 4000feet is amazing.Cheruthoni is situated near Painav which is also at a high altitude.
Mangala Devi Temple is a tourist attraction which is near Kumali. Kumali is the gate way of Thekkady and the border of Tamil Nadu state.
Mangala devi temple  is 13km from Kumali  which is situated in the forest area.The temple festival will be in the
month of Medam(April-May).