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Thiruchendur or Thirucheer alaivai  is a holy place near Thirunelveli of Tamilnadu State
in India where exists  one of the most sacred temples of Muruga who is Subramanya,son of
Lord Shiva and Parvathy Devi.
This temple is the second of the 'Aarupadai Veedu',  which the  Saint poet "Nakeerar' praises in  his songs
of  'Senthil Andavar' (Lord Subramanya).'Arupaidai Veedu' are places of   six holy and 
most sacred temples of Lord Subramanya is now  existed , and these  were the places where he fought against evil demons.
The other five 'Padaiveedu' where famous temples  of Muruga are 
Thiruparamkundram Swami Temple,
Swamimalai Swaminathan  Swamy Temple,
Palani Dandayudhapani Swami Temple
Thiruthani Subramanya Swamy Temple
Palamudhirchola Subramanya Swami Temple
Marudumali Murugan Temple is also a well famous and a very sacred Subramanya Temple
which is considered as one like the above temples.
The temple at Thiruchendur existed from pre-historic time itself  as a Shiva temple which was built by 'Mayan' the sculptor of 'Devas'.Lord Muruga fought with the demon 'Soora Padmasura' on the sea shore of
Thiruchendur according to the order  of Lord Shiva and he  worshipped Lord Shiva  before and after the battle in this temple.Later Subramanya was also consecrated in this temple and
the temple  got fame in his name.
Out of the six 'Aarupadai Veedu' of Lord Muruga only this temple is situated on a plane near
the sea shore and  all the other five temples  are situated on hilltops.
The battle  against the demon 'Soorapadma' was very fierce and at the end Lord Muruga
pierced him in to two pieces out of which one piece turned out to be a cock which became
his flag icon and the other part became a peacock which he made his vehicle(Vahanam).Thus
Subramanya became 'Mayil Vahanan' (One who is having peacock as the vehicle).
The Sanctum of this temple is actually below sea level but sea water do not enter the temple
The strength and size of the waves diminishes as it approaches the shore near the temple. Like that  the devotees claims that the sorrows and tension of the devotees will be lessened when
they enter this temple compound itself.When the nearby places were all flooded in the 2004
December Tsunami,  sea water did not enter Thiruchendur Temple.
On two sides of the temple, compound walls of height fifteen feet are built here.
After  the visit of the deity and worship  the devotee should not go near the sea is the belief here, otherwise the blessing of the God will be transformed from us to the sea.The sea near this
temple is Bay of Bengal and is considered as a King by the devotees.Before entering the temple we have to pay a homage to the sea.
There are three main Gopurams (Tower) here and the 'Raja Gopuram' on the western side
is the tallest and largest one.
The ritual etiquette of this temple is Kerala Style.This temple is a massive one and there are
2000 priests in this temple and they are known as 'Deekshithars'.After the  opening of the temple  in the early
morning it will not be  closed  during the noon.It will be closed  only at  night.There are
nine 'Pooja rituals' done on all days.The temple can be visited at any time from early morning
till it closes at night.Every day pilgrims in thousands arrive at this temple for worship.
As in other Muruga temples 'Panchamritham' is a main offering here also.Kerala and Tamilnadu breakfast item 'Dosa' is also included as an offering here.
The sub deities of this temple includes Lord Shiva,Kala Bhairava, Guru(Vyazha)Bhagawan,
Sathrusamhara Moorthy,Saneeswaran,Maha Vishnu etc.
'Shashti' is celebrated with importance, and the annual festival is in the month of'Avani'.'All Thursdays,Fridays,Saturdays and Sundays' are considered more sacred here and the number of devotees will be more on those days.Those who are having astrological problems of Planet Jupiter and Mars (Vyazha Dosham and Chovva Dosham)  visit this temple to get relief from them.
The sacred ash which is given after pooja ritual to Lord Muruga in a certain plant  leaf known as
'Jala Vibhoothi Prasadam' if kept in our home will keep away all kinds of evil spirits and the family members 
will not be  affected by  the bad effects of any kinds of evil spirits or black magic  is a belief.Moreover it will
work as  a medicine to cure several  ailments(leprosy,T.B., Diabetes,Fits,Typhoid, etc) is also believed.
The temple is situated 51 km from Thirunelveli.Can be reached easily by car and Bus.

Bus services to all parts of Tamilnadu are available from  there. 

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