Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thenmala And Palaruvi


Thenmala is a beautiful tourist spot situated in Kollam District of Kerala State.It is 72 km from Thiruvananthapuram, the Capital city of Kerala.Thenmala is the first Eco-Tourism Destination in India.It is a small village at the foothills of Western Ghats and most parts are forest area.The famous 'Shenduruney Wild Life Sanctuary is the most important Eco-tourism 
resource of Thenmala Eco tourism.The wild life sanctuary spreads over 100 sq. kms and have large varieties of flora and fauna.
The project area is divided in to three zones namely 'Cultural Zone,Leisure Zone and Adventure Zone'.The  tourists can find out various activities of their interest in these  zones.There are well placed sign boards, direction pointers and the presence of well trained staff  also to help the tourists.
'Thenmala Dam' made across 'Kallada River'  mainly  for irrigation purpose is a major attraction.Boating in the reservoir, river side trekking and mountaineering attracts large number of visitors.A visit to  the Deer rehabilitation centre where one can see closely  spotted deer,Sambhar deer and barking deer in groups  will be a nice experience.There are tree top huts, battery powered vehicle rides  through the forests,rope bridge, children's eco-park etc  which all delights the tourists.'Thenmala' literally means 'Honey hills' and it is true in every respect.Thenmala Eco-tourism is open round the year.Nearest railway station is 'Kollam' which is 66 km away and nearest International Airport is at "Thiruvananthapuram' which is 72 km away.


Palaruvi is a perennial waterfall which is very beautiful situated close to Kerala's border with Tamil Nadu and is only 16 km from 'Thenmala'.The tourists to Thenmala Eco-Tourism visits Palaruvi also.The word 'Palaruvi' means ' Stream of milk' and it suits very much to this picturesque waterfalls.
The water which flows down the rocks  bursts down as if a stream of milk is an exotic sight.The roar of the waterfall resounds peaceful virgin forest.The waterfall is having 300 feet height.The journey to the Palaruvi waterfall through the dense forest will also be an exhilarating experience for the tourists.
Palaruvi is situated 75 km from Kollam on Kollam-Shencottah road.
From Trivandrum by road to Palaruvi  via Palode-73 kms.

There are three important Hill Shrines which are  famous 'Lord Ayyappa Temples' in the nearby areas of Thenmala and Palaruvi.They are situated at 'Aryankavu', 'Kulathupuzha'  and 'Achancoil'.
Aryankavu is the nearest which is only 4 km from Palaruvi.The other two temples are also not very far.Large number of devotees visits  these temples every year.