Saturday, November 30, 2013

Exhilarating Kerala Waterfalls

In almost all Districts of Kerala Waterfalls are existed and they provide splendid sight for the visitors.It is not the size or height that makes them marvelous but the immaculate beauty of them.  The nearby greenery places are quite fascinating.There are more than 25 waterfalls in Kerala and all of them are scenic picnic spots.All the important Waterfalls in Kerala  are described here district wise.
Waterfalls Of Trivandrum District


Mankayam Waterfalls is in Nedumangadu Taluk near Palode Botanical Gardens, and situated in Eco-tourism zone managed by Kerala Forest Department.It has an elevation of 500 meters above sea level and the area is blessed with natural beauty.
Mankayam river, which is a tributary of Chittar river which flows through the Brymore produces two waterfalls, Known either as Idinjar Falls and or
Mankayam falls and Kalakkayam Falls.It is about 55 kms from Trivandrum.
On holidays large number of local visitors also gather to witness this thrilling beauty.
The entire forest  area of  the banks of Mankayam river relieves the stress of visitors by the serene green stretch of forest land which houses interesting species of flora.
Kalakkayam is the biggest waterfalls in this area.
Visitors can go for trekking if they are interested to and half day trekking 'Iruthala moola-Ayanpara' is a choice.One can witness another waterfall 'Ayanpara Waterfall' on the way.Trained guides are available for the tourists.
One day trek 'Mankayam-Varayadin Mottai' trek is another choice which is more adventurous through hills and valleys,grasslands and dense forests.
You may spot the endangered 'Nilgiri Tahr', a species of wild goat.


The famous waterfalls on the upper part of Neyyar Reservoir are 'Kombaikani and Meenmutty waterfalls'
Meenmutty is situated near Kallar in Trivandrum District and 2kms from Meenmutty lies Kombaikani waterfalls.
On the way to these waterfalls one can enjoy the lush green vegetation and the countless species of bird and butterflies.


Aruvi Waterfalls is situated 60 kms from Trivandrum.It is situated at Peppara forest  range.One has to go to Bonacaud tea estate from where 7kms trekking is needed through forest area to the waterfalls.Guides are available.Trekking to the nearby area is possible.