Thursday, November 19, 2015

Tourist Attractions of Dindigul District of Tamil Nadu State

Dindigul District of Tamil Nadu State is visited by large number of tourists all the year around since there are several amazing tourist spots and famous religious shrines in this district.
Dindigul Fort,Thalaiyar Waterfalls,Kodaikanal Hill Station,Palani Murugan Temple,Christ the King Church,Begambur Big Mosque etc are some of the attractions of this district.
Our Lady of Dolours Church,Dindigul
Dindigul Fort
It is a rock Fort which is situated on the top of a hill and was built during 1605- 1659.Tipu Sultan ruled   the Fort from 1784 to 1790.
Thalaiyar Falls
Thalaiyar Waterfalls is the ninth highest falls in India with a height of 974 feet.It is a fantastic  sight and being visited by large number of tourists every year.
Dindigul City
Dindigul City is well known for its cuisine and called as 'Biriyani City'.It is also known as City of Locks,Textiles and Tannery.
The City is located between Palani Hills and Sirumalai Hills.
300 year old Roman Catholic Church,Christ the King Church,St.Joseph Church are important churches in this city.
Begambur Big Mosque,Thadikombu Perumal Temple,Abhirami Amman Temple,Anjenayar Temple,Kasi Viswanathan Temple are famous religious shrines.
Sirumalai Hill Tesort
Sirumalai Hill Resort close to Dingigul City is a famous tourist attraction.
Kodaikanal Hill Station
Kodaikanal is one of the best and distinguished tourist spot in India.It is known as the Princess of Hill Stations.This inimitable, amazing,stunning and beautiful place is worth visit.The place has abundance of big  trees such as 'Pear tree,Cypress,eucalyptus,acacia' and many more.Large number of flowering trees and plants add color to the scenario.Many types of vegetables are cultivated in the nearby villages of this city.
Rock Pillar
Kodaikanal Lake
Silver Cascade Waterfalls
Kodaikanal City has a magnificent lake which has an area of 60 acres with  boating facilities.A 5 km walking path round the lake is utilized by the tourists for a refreshing walk.
There is a botanical garden known as 'Bryant Park' near by.A Museum of National History,Kodaikanal Solar Observatory,Pillar Rocks,Bat infested Guna Caves,Silver Cascade Waterfalls etc are some of the other attractions at Kodaikanal.   

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